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Mastering Mobility in the Digital era with Data-powered strategies and services

Driving the future of Mobility through Data transformation

Our strong commitment to making a real impact on businesses facing complex IT challenges has led us to gain a deep understanding of the industries we work in. This includes the world of mobility, which has quickly become one of our favourite areas of business.

The force driving changes in today's world is data. We are combining data-focused technology and insights to redefine mobility. It's shifting from a necessary inconvenience to a sustainable, clever, and forward-looking choice. This change is being pushed by global trends and powered by new technology.

We fully embrace Mobility and data-focused technology to succeed in the competitive future. Being able to quickly access information, make smart decisions, and adapt on the go will set you apart. As we stretch the boundaries of mobility with our clients, we're committed to providing them with cutting-edge solutions, making sure they can take advantage of upcoming opportunities.

At Qinshift, we understand the challenges and key drivers of success very well, and our track record proves it.

All things Mobility

Business consultancy

Our business consultants have wide experience from public transport authorities (PTA), public transport operators (PTO), manufacturers of buses, light-rail, trams, trains and trucks.  We understand the ecosystem around authorities, cities, infrastructure and other emerging actors in the Mobility as a Service landscape. 

We can help you bridge your plan and strategy with the technical capabilities to drive business value in operations to reduce cost in hours/assets/distance, boosting ticketing sales, enhancing punctuality and increasing average speed.

Our expertise

Unlocking Actionable Insights

Data holds the key to unlocking actionable insights that can drive informed decision-making in the realm of mobility. By harnessing vast amounts of information collected from sources such as GPS sensors, cameras, mobile devices, and transit systems, transportation planners and operators gain valuable knowledge about travel patterns, congestion hotspots, demand fluctuations, and user preferences.

These insights enable you to:

·        optimize routes.

·        allocate resources effectively.

·        tailor services that better meet the needs of passengers and transportation.

·        enhance insights in cross functional domains.

·        find bottlenecks in processes.

·        reuse data as data products, making it accessible.

·        automate processes and reporting.

·        drive insights on control activities.

·        predict occupancy.

·        identify patterns of risky behaviour.

·        assist in developing proactive safety measures like predictive maintenance.

·        have a clear understanding of the sustainability footprint and continuously improve it.


We have long and wide experience of all the different areas in the ticketing eco-system:

·        Products and prices

·        Ticket

·        Bearer (ID Based)

·        Sales and payments

·        Sales channels B2C, B2B

·        Validation

·        Accounting

·        Customer service tools

·        Traffic information

·        Contactless EMV with capping

Our consultants have extensive business knowledge to help you to build and implement efficient and customer-friendly solutions. We build ticketing eco systems in the cloud on microservices, fully scalable, automated quality assurance and pipeline deployments with continuous deliveries with no downtime.

Automotive Emerging

Use Cases

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