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AdTech & MarTech

AdTech & MarTech Development Services for the Companies of Tomorrow

Empowering Digital Advertising and Marketing Companies

Build custom advertising and marketing software to give your business a competitive edge and deliver real value to your internal teams or clients.

All things AdTech & MarTech

With our AdTech and MarTech development services, we can help you build software to automate and optimise the buying and selling of digital media, give you more access to inventory and demand, and collect data to measure the performance of your advertising and marketing activities.

AdTech & Programmatic Development

We can help you design and build real-time bidding and programmatic advertising platforms for all digital advertising channels — display and native, in-app mobile, video and audio, OTT and CTV, in-game, and DOOH.

We can build all kinds of AdTech platforms, including:

·        Demand-side platforms (DSPs)

·        Supply-side platforms (SSPs)

·        Ad exchanges

·        Ad servers

·        Self-serve ad platforms

Marketing Technology Development

Our MarTech development teams can help you design and build individual pieces of marketing software to complete MarTech stacks to help your internal teams or clients automate and optimise their digital marketing activities.

We can build all kinds of MarTech platforms, including:

·        Analytics platforms

·        Attribution platforms

·        Marketing automation platforms

·        Personalisation engines 

·        Tag management systems (TMSs)

Data Analytics Development

We can work with you to build scalable data platforms that collect data from various sources, combine it all together, and present it in a visual way to help you and your clients understand the story behind the numbers.

·        Customer data platforms (CDPs)

·        Data management platforms (DMPs)

·        Data lakes

·        Data clean rooms

·        Reporting dashboards

Our expertise




We offer AdTech & MarTech development and consulting services tailored to diverse company needs, including startups, enterprises, tech firms, ad agencies, and publishers. From validating ideas and creating prototypes to building scalable platforms, our teams provide comprehensive guidance, design, development, and maintenance, leveraging extensive industry experience to address unique challenges and drive business growth.

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Offering tailored AdTech & MarTech development services, we specialize in crafting custom platforms to meet unique business needs, seamlessly integrating with internal systems and fostering ownership of IP. Our expertise extends to AdTech & MarTech integrations, facilitating real-time bidding, data imports, and more, while our cloud-computing infrastructure optimization enhances software performance, scalability, and cost-efficiency across major providers.

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Our MarTech and AdTech development services encompass specific offerings for building custom Demand-Side Platforms (DSPs), essential tools enabling media buyers to purchase digital ads. Our skilled teams can design, create, and maintain personalised DSPs, granting companies ownership, control over features, and reduced fees, catering to AdTech firms and ad agencies seeking to enhance inventory access and performance across various digital channels.

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